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This is a VR game I made for a university project earlier in January 2018. I tried to articulate my day to day experience as a trans woman in the form of a video game. What you see here is a rough prototype for what a full video game of this experience would be like. 

NOTE: This game has been developed soley for use with the HTC Vive. Use with other VR Headsets as well as non-VR play will not run correctly.


Move: Use the HTC Vive controller's touchpad to navigate to where you'd like to move and then click the touchpad.

Grab: Use the buttons on the side of either HTC Vive controller to grab a hold of objects.

Use: Use objects such as a phone, door, or clothes by pulling the HTC Vive controller's triggers. Some objects will need to be held to use.


Please consult this walkthrough only if you are confused about what to do in the game.

Bedroom: Answer the ringing phone by grabbing it and using it. Leave the room once all audio has played by using the door.

Store: Grab a pair of the folded clothes and take them to the dressing room. Close the dressing room door and use the clothes to try them on. Look in the mirror to see how you look, only to find that you can't see yourself. Leave the clothes store by using the door at the start of the level.

Bathroom: Choose one of the gendered restroom doors. After entering the bathroom, use the sink, optionally, use the hand dryer, as well. Leave the restroom by using the door near the start. Again, note that you can't see yourself in the mirror.

Bedroom (Return): Look in the mirror and find that you can now see yourself. Wait for audio to play and then exit the game by using the door.


Modeling, Animation, Level Design, Programming, and Voice Acting by Raven Mulvany

Additional Voice Acting, Play-testing, and Programming Assitance by Katie Fisher


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